Matching  airflow to demand delivers big advantages...

Our OPTI-FLOW Variable Speed Drive matches airflow to demand for optimum system perfomance. The combination of the VSD settings with an additional PLC control means there is great flexibility with parameters to control start up current, power overload protection, control and the speed of the fan which can greatly effect electrical consumption, kw/hr logging etc...

Micronair’s Opti-Flow purpose designed Controller is designed to Automatically control the fan speed to maintain constant flow in the duct while making massive savings in electrical consumption.

415 Volt 3Phase, ip66 Enclosure are available for outdoor fixing, Proprietary Controllers are built in to suit Vibration or Pulse Cleaning systems, The fully programmable Keypad allows flexible programming of parameters to maximise outcomes and is linked to a pressure sensor within the ductwork.
Expected Outcomes

  • Average Consumption of Electricity consumed reduced by 50-60%
  • System pay back averages 18 months
  • Noise Reduction of total system reduced by average 35-40%
  • System performance is kept constant to ensure adequate airflow at any time
  • Filter Life is extended as the volume of air going through the filters is reduced dramatically

Optiflow Automatic Gates can be added to ensure maximum efficiency by shutting machines extraction outlets when they are not required - without the operator needing to remember to do this.

The gates can be controlled via current detection inputs or fully programmed via our PLC  system that gives you full programmed control - eg maintaining a minimum gate area open at all times and flush cleaning cycles.