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Breakthrough Energy Saving Device


Proven Outcomes

  • Average Consumption of Electricity consumed reduced by 50-60%
  • System pay back averages  12 -18 months
  • Noise Reduction of total system reduced by average 35-40%
  • System performance is kept constant to ensure adequate airflow at any time
  • Filter Life is extended as the volume of air going through the filters is reduced dramatically

Optiflow Automatic Gates can be added to ensure maximum efficiency by shutting machines extraction outlets when they are not required - without the operator needing to remember to do this!


Free Savings Estimates are Available on Request as are Case Studies of OPTI - FLOW  Installations

optiflow-case-study.jpgCase Study 1:
ISM Interiors Airport West Vic
Model: CF84 Cleanflow 45kw fan

With Optimizing, the KW Consumed came down to 16.5 with 2 x CNC Routers, Large edge bander, and a Beam Saw open which is 64% electrical saving and the average usage of the factory

Based on 36hr Weeks x 49 weeks & 17cents per KWh = PA
Minimum Saving $10,789