'FUME - FIX' Portable Fume Extractor - with reverse pulse cleaning without removing the filter!


Solve Welding, Solder and other ‘nuisance’or harmful Fume problems.

Compact, Affordable and Efficient: FUME-FIX is the answer!

FUME-FIX is built around a high efficiency cartridge with 0.3 micron filter capability. (1/3000th of a millimetre!)

On the 0.3 micron versions you clean the cartridge without opening the access door or removing it from the machine using the ‘reverse pulse’ system that connects to your compressed air supply

The 3000mm collection arm rotate 360 degrees and is self supporting allowing you to position it close to the generation point for optimum fume removal.

Your new FUME-FIX is very solidly built to the tough ‘CE’ compliance standards and you’re protected by your MICRONAIR 12 month Warranty.

Click here for Weld Fume Brochure