Options to improve your flexibility and results...

Dependent on the Model chosen your extractor can be fitted with a range of options to suit your specific application


Hopper outlet

If you are looking for dustless bin changes then fit a hopper outlet gate. The gate can be either manually or pneumatically actuated and allows you to make dustless bin changes even with the extractor in full operation.


Dust relocation.

Rotary Valve

If you require the dust to be transported to another location your dust extractor can easily be fitted with a rotary valve or auger.


Dump bin

The dust extractor can be fitted to a dump bin of your choice. Standard sizes range from 1.5 to 6m3, either custom built or supplied by your current waste removal company.


Wheelie bin

The dust extractor can be fitted with heavy duty 240 ltr wheelie bins. The bins can be supplied translucent to enable you to see the dust level. The extractors are fitted with a quick release latch and bin locators to ensure the bin can be quickly and easily removed and fitted.


Power optimisation

Each extractor can be fitted with a range of power optimisation features. From soft start to full inverter fan speed management with each system individually tuned on site to minimise power consumption without compromising the operational effectiveness at the machine. This can include manually or automatically controlled shut off gates at each outlet.


Customised waste containers

If you have a specific waste container, we can modify the dust extractor to meet your needs from small drums to dual axle trailers. Just let us know the dimensions and the extractor can be modified to suit


Customised colours

If you have a preference for a specific colour to suit the location, your company colours or a council requirement then your new extractor can be powder coated in a large range of colours



To provide a total solution we can provide and install the ducting to connect your machinery to the dust extractor. With everything from basic duct components to floor sweeps, clean up points, modular style ducting, purpose made chutes and flexible hosing


Duct Booster

For problematic duct runs where there is risk of dust drop out we can fit a series of duct boosters. This ensures that no dust settles in the ducting while maintaining the required velocity at the machine and minimising the power consumption and fire risk


Fire suppression / spark arrestors

Your new system can be fitted with either a fire detection and suppression system or spark arrestors to minimise the risk of a fire occurring and being transported to your dust extractor


Explosion vents / over pressure relief

If you are dealing with highly combustible material or are required by your insurance company we can fit explosion vents or over pressure relief panels. The actual size and fitting depends on the material being collected and location of the dust extractor